Weekly Option Expiration plan – 11/29/2013

A lighter list this week:

$CTSH I own the weekly 93 Puts. These Puts are currently OTM so they look to expire worthless

$TWTR I own the weekly 42/42.5 Call Spread. This CS is currently OTM so it looks to expire worthless (but this could change)

$EBAY I own the weekly 49/50.5 Call Spread and short the 50 Puts. The 49 Calls are ITM so I will get value from the today. The Puts are OTM but will still need to monitor. These are 1/4 size positions each

$CRM I am long the weekly 56 Calls which will go poof today

$JCP I am long stock, short the weekly 8.5 Calls & long the weekly 9/8.5 Put Spread. I will let the stock get called away, the PS goes poof (price is hovering around $10 today, a Pin)


ITM = in the money

OTM = out of the money

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