My current trade in $BTCUSD:


I get asked frequently about where I trade $BTCUSD. I use multiple exchanges for several reasons (no way I want all my BTC in one place is one reason). If just starting out, I suggest Coinbase.

As for my Futures trading, I don’t recommend this at all except for traders with knowledge in this area (or hedgers, arbs). This is a very immature market – and is rife with fraud.

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  1. Hi Derald, any suggestions on the best platform or site to get involved with bitcoins? Or perhaps Litecoins or another currency? I could potentially open a US or Canadian account. From my brief reading Mtgox is the best market, however one can not place stops? Any suggestions on the best way to get started would be appreciated. I’ve traded equities 5+ years. Thanks in advance, I’m on Stocktwits @BrennanBasnicki

  2. I don’t have any suggestion beyond starting out on Coinbase. The other exchanges that are well-known have problems associated with immature markets and really should only be used as an alternative. I don’t keep all my BTC on one platform for that reason.

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