Mid-week review

I have been very active this week on the Short side this week. Here are the newly added positions this week that are still on:

  • $CADX I am short the stock (“to fade” play) at $9.70 and own the January/December 8/9 Bear Collar (short the January 8 Puts & Long the December 9 Calls)
  • $CONN I am short the stock at $77.50 (1/2 size)
  • $IEP I am short the stock at 148.30 (1/2 size left)
  • $MEI I am short the stock at $37.25 (“to fade” play) and own the January 30/35 Bear Collar (short the January 30 Puts & Long the 35 Calls)
  • $COST (Earnings)
  • $GME I am Long the December 13 Weekly/December 45/44 Diagonal Put Calendar (long the weekly 45 Puts, short next week Monthly 44 Puts)

Existing position exits this week (not added this week, on before):

  • $MGA
  • $WLT
  • $SYY
  • $Z (submarine basket)
  • $BLOX


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