Position Updates – 12/14/2013

In reviewing my trading for the week, here are a few key things I noticed:

  • I had less positions with Weekly Options to tend to on Friday than I normally do (the bulk of positions are sitting with December Monthly options now)
  • I have on more short positions than I typically do (the “to fade” plays are piling up)

Adjustments made this week to existing positions:

  • $CRZO I added a Sell Short Stop order at 37.5 on 12/09 (price was poking near $38 so this is the reason for that). I remain short the December 42.5/37.5 Strangle into Friday expiration
  • $TSO I added short December 60 Calls on 12/09 (covered calls)
  • $TWTR I adjusted the short weekly 43 Calls to December 46 Calls on 12/09 (this is a 1/2 size position). I then BtC the 46 Calls on 12/10 (stock was really starting to run). I then added a December 27 Weekly 52 Collar on 12/13. The Option Net is now at +$.20
  • $XONE The stock piece hit a Trail Stop on 12/09 so just the short December 60/50 Strangle remains
  • $ADT stock was sold at B/E on 12/11. The short December 40 Straddle remains (1/4 size each, $2.39 in Option cushion to work with)
  • $CPB I BtC the December 38 Straddle & StO December 41 Calls (covered calls). Option Net is now -$.05
  • $GTLS I added a Sell Stop at $87.20 for the stock piece on 12/09

Exits on existing positions (including newly added this week):

  • $IEP I was short stock. Overall gain of $32.78
  • $IOC The remaining short 90 Calls went poof. Overall gain of $10.70
  • $SYY (IRA account). Overall gain of $16.91
  • $MGA (LT account). Gain of $2.06 (all from Options)
  • $WLT I exited the short Weekly 14 Puts. Overall gain of $4.82
  • $TDC (submarine basket). I StC December 40 Puts on 12/12
  • $Z (submarine basket)
  • $GRA (Fab 5). Stop hit on 12/10. Overall gain of $4.40
  • $LLL (Fab 5). Stock was called away on 12/09. Overall gain of $13.10
  • $BLOX (Earnings)
  • $FIVE (Earnings). This was a second trade trying to catch a bounce
  • $TOL (Earnings)

 Newly added this week that survived:

  • $APC A Dip Buy, a new Long stock position
  • $CADX I am short stock at 9.70 & own a Jan/Dec 8/9 Collar
  • $CONN I am short stock at 77.50 and short the December 75 Straddle (1/2 size each)
  • $MEI I am short stock at 37.25 and own the January 30/35 Bear Collar
  • $COST I am short the December 27 Weekly $117 Puts (Earnings)
  • $RH I am long stock at $57.5 (1/4 size). I added the short December 65 Straddle on 12/13 for $5.15 credit
  • $VRA I am short the December 22.5 Straddle
  • $LULU I am Long the December 62 Calls & short the 58 Puts

Here is the Summary:





2 thoughts on “Position Updates – 12/14/2013

  1. The $CYTR “to fade” play was left off the journal. This was a 4 day “to fade” trade, closed on 12/17/2013.

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