Position Updates – 01/06/2014

Playing catch up today as I head back to Texas. A few things to note:

  • $WFM Collar has come in to play now on the weakness today
  • $CONN is more neutral now, there is no stock piece at the moment
  • $MEI is now a Risk Reversal now that the stock piece was closed (Collar become a Risk Reversal with no stock involved)
  • $TWTR weakness today has the short Calls from the Strangle back OTM (calls are covered)
  • $AIG short weekly Calls expired this past weekend (were covered, LT acct)
  • $NM Collar now in play with this move back under $10
  • $AER short stock trade has now seen price fade back to entry. Calls from the Bear Collar remain ITM however
  • $EBAY was called away from the Submarine Basket. Long January 52 Puts remain

Here is a current Summary:


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