January Options expiration – the plan


Simpler format now, showing the spreadsheet I use to track the progress throughout the week:


Any mention of a Collar (Bear or Bull) means stock is involved
covered calls = means I am long stock & short calls against it
A Collar PS means I am short Calls and long a Put Spread (the protection piece)
OTM = out of the money
LT = long-term

6 thoughts on “January Options expiration – the plan

  1. I updated the Graphic to add some clarity to the “covered” entry and updated the text in the legend below.

  2. $BBBY one path is to sell 2/3 Puts for Feb 67.50 (currently $1.58) & use some of the proceeds to
    BtC the 1/3 size Jan 70 Puts. This would increase the Options Net some to around $2

  3. $XONE is the 2nd surprise so far this week. Price is now in between both short spreads (so both spreads are OTM right now, lol).

  4. Friday update: this has been a busy week with a lot to attend to, this is what I have left to monitor/address today. $BDBD $CCE $FMC $NSC $RAX $SBUX $SWFT $WETF $XONE $DGX $GME $WGO $LGF $SONC $BBBY $TGT $LULU $SODA $AXP $BBY

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