Position Updates – 01/11/2014

Working my way back into the swing of things (what a pun) after the holiday break. I have a few newly added positions that will survive to the weekend:

  • $ANF I am long stock with a January 38/37 Collar (1/2 size left on this)
  • $PCYC I am long stock with a Stop at $125
  • $SONC
  • $FDO
  • $BBBY

Exits (including newly added this week that did not survive):

  • $CBK This was a trade I outlined here on the Blog, a short stock play based on a Volume Bar count. Closed on 1/9/2014
  • $CONN
  • $TZOO This was a short, caught some of the big down move on 1/8

 Worth noting:

  • $AMBA I am long stock and own the January 30 Collar. No way I would have thought that it would be needed (much less this soon) but the profit taking this week has continued, price fell under $30
  • $AKS Collar helping out on the price pullback
  • $NM Collar helping out on the price pullback
  • $TRIP I was monitoring this position closely as it was trying to break the $80 level but it held well and rebounded nicely. The long stock is now capped by the Collar – again – so an adjustment to February option expiration is the plan this week (January Option expiration is upon us, already lol)
  • $TWTR adjustment:


I wanted to clarify the adjustment: I sold the long January 10 weekly 62 Puts & bought back the short January 10 weekly 67.5 Calls. I then StO the January 24 weekly 60 Calls, BtO January 24 weekly 60 Puts, and finally StO January 24 weekly 53 Puts (these 3 pieces make a Collar Put Spread).

Submarine Basket:

  • $ADT
  • $CPB
  • $DGX
  • $FNSR
  • $GME
  • $HTZ
  • $NCR
  • $WGO

For the submarine basket I currently have an Options Net of +$18.523 and a Gain of $11.88 (based on current prices)


  • $LGF
  • $KKD
  • $ULTA
  • $SONC New. I am short the January 17.5/20 Strangle with a $3.74 cushion
  • $FDO New. I am long stock and short the January 24 weekly 64 Straddle (1/4 size each)
  • $BBBY New. I am short the January 70 Puts (1/3 size)
  • $MON New. I am short the weekly 114/112 Strangle (expired today, keep all premium collected). Position is now closed




One thought on “Position Updates – 01/11/2014

  1. Left off one detail for the $PCYC position: I have a January 130/125 Collar on in addition to the Stop at $125 for the long stock piece.

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