Position Updates – 02/01/2014

Option protection – in the form of a Collar or Long Puts with stock – ended up being very important to protecting positions for me in January. A few outliers like $AMBA & $TWTR actually remain capped (price is above Short Call strike on a Collar) but all other positions have seen price closer to the Put strike (and/or in the money) to close out the month.

Newly added that survive to the weekend:

  • $AMZN
  • $CGNX
  • $SBAC (Fab 5)
  • $WDAY (Fab 5)
  • $X (Earnings)
  • $ASH (Earnings)
  • $BA (Earnings)
  • $ALGN (Earnings)

Exits (including newly added positions this week that got closed):

  • $DAL
  • $LULU
  • $SODA
  • $UA
  • $VXX (hedge on FOMC day)
  • $HTZ (just stock piece, S Strangle remains)
  • $PRU (Fab 5)
  • $SLXP (Fab 5)
  • $ZMH (Fab 5)
  • $EBAY (Earnings trade from 1/22)
  • $AAPL (Earnings)
  • $VMW (Earnings)
  • $CRUS (Earnings)
  • $AMZN (Earnings trade, have a new regular position now, Put Cal)

Submarine Basket:

Only change this week was an exit in the stock piece on $HTZ. All other positions remain the same from last week. I did a brief update earlier this week here.


  • $LGF
  • $KKD
  • $ULTA
  • $URI
  • $SYNA
  • $X
  • $ASH
  • $BA
  • $ALGN

Here is the Summary:


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