Position Updates – 02/15/2014

There were several of my regular positions with some activity this week:

  • $AMZN I exited the last piece of a Put Calendar on 2/11/2014
  • $BAS was added as a new position on 2/10/2014. A Collar PS was added on 2/11
  • $PDH short stock piece hit a Stop on 2/11 for the Bear Collar became a Risk Reversal. I StC the 12.5 Calls on 2/13 & BtO the Feb 12.5 Puts on 2/14 so now I am long the 12.5/10 Put Spread
  • $TGT I adjusted the short Put strike to the February 28 $56 Puts on 2/14
  • $TSO I exited the Bear Risk Reversal on 2/13
  • $EWW The short stock piece has a Stop at $64 so I am monitoring this since price closed at 63.48 on Friday (this is a hedge on the short Feb 67/64 Strangle)
  • $WFM the Collar protected the position through Earnings as it was hit hard on a soft outlook. I adjusted the Collar to the March 07 weekly & February expiration (prior Collar was for this Week) WFM
  • $HTZ this Submarine Basket position was closed on 2/14 (had on since 9/26/2013) for an overall gain of $7.90
  • $BYI was added to the Submarine Basket on 2/10/2014

Current Earnings trades:

  • $ASH
  • $EL
  • $FLT
  • $FOSL
  • $IR
  • $LGF
  • $MAS
  • $PKG
  • $TTWO (there is now long stock that triggered on a Buy Stop, a hedge, as of 2/13) TTWO
  • $ULTA
  • $X (there is now long stock that triggered on a Buy Stop, a hedge, as of 2/11)

Current Submarine Basket:

  • $BYI
  • $DGX
  • $FNSR
  • $KR
  • $MA
  • $NUS
  • $PG
  • $WGO

Here is the Summary:


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