Position Updates – 02/28/2014

Yesterday was month end so there was a lot of under-the-surface moves worth paying attention to. I did most of my trading this week in the Earnings trade arena but did have a few new regular positions that I put on (some are already closed):

  • $ALK I initiated a March 85/80/75 Risk Reversal PS on 2/24 (Long March 85 Calls, Short Mary 80/75 PS). I added short March 90 Calls on 2/25 to make a 85/90 Call Spread
  • $RCPT This was a long stock position opened on 2/26 and closed on 2/28
  • $SNDK This was a February 28 Weekly 75/75/72 Risk Reversal PS opened on 2/26 and closed on 2/28
  • $TSLA I am short the February 28 Weekly 265 Calls (closed 2/28) and Long the March 07 Weekly 260/250 PS. This trade was opened on 2/26
  • $CTRX I opened a March 47.5/50/45 Risk Reversal CS on 2/27 for the Submarine Basket (post-Earnings)
  • $FSLR I added a long stock position to the Submarine Basket on the post-Earnings dip on 2/26. I added a March 07 Weekly 57/56/51 Collar on 2/27
  • $WTW I opened a March 22.5/25/19 Risk Reversal on 2/24 for the Submarine Basket

Earnings Trades (existing and new that are still on):

  • $EL
  • $FLT
  • $CONN
  • $SINA (new)

Submarine Basket:

  • $BYI
  • $CTRX (new)
  • $FNSR
  • $FSLR (new)
  • $KR
  • $MA
  • $PG
  • $WGO
  • $WTW (new)

Here is the Summary:


2 thoughts on “Position Updates – 02/28/2014

  1. I corrected the formula on $XONE to reflect the current loss on the stock piece (I am long from $55 & own the March 50 Collar). Options Net is: $28.10

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