Earnings Update – 03/14/2014

Although the Earnings season is winding down there were still ample opportunities this week in creating new trades. Here is what is new for this week that are still on:

  • $NES I am Short the March 20 Calls & Long the April 20/22.5 Call Spread. This was done for a $.05 credit. Looks like I end up with a Call Spread for April as price is under $17
  • $PAY I am Long the March 30/28 1×2 Put Ratio. This looks to go poof next week at expiration (was put on for free)
  • $WSM I am Long the March 60/62.5 1×2 Call Ratio (was Short the 52.5 Puts as well, closed already). I am Long stock at $63 as a hedge. This trade was put on for a $.01 credit
  • $MEI I was Short the March 35 Straddle originally (the Short 35 Calls have already been closed). I am Short stock at $33.45 (hedge) with a Stop set to $32 as of today. I have an Options Net of $4.45 to work with & an additional cushion from 2 stock trades of $2.76
  • $EBIX I am Short the March 17/15 Strangle (was 17/16, adjusted the Put side down today). Options Net: $1.53


03142014New trades for this week that are already closed:

  • $EXPR
  • $KKD
  • $ARO




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