The Fab 5 update – 03/22/2014

This week saw a lot of activity in the Fab 5 as I closed 2 positions and dealt with March Options expiration on the relevant positions. I closed $HAIN on 03/20 for an overall gain of $7.60 & $SBAC for an overall gain of $3.76 (both of these positions get a Not Complete status however, did not complete the $100 Roll).

The March 95/85 Put Spread on $WDAY almost came into play with price closing near the 50 SMA at $97.10 but ultimately expires worthless.

I have 2 empty seats to fill & here are the current members: $HON $NEE $MPC

Here is the Summary:

03222014Fab 5 candidates:

  • $LYB
  • $ASML
  • $APH
  • $SLB
  • $AGU



One thought on “The Fab 5 update – 03/22/2014

  1. I have $URI as a candidate as well but may attempt to sell Put Spreads first to get some premium for a future Call Spread and/or get Put stock at a lower price.

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