Position Updates – 03/22/2014

This week was March Options expiration so most of my focus was in the managing of existing positions (most have Options as a component of the trade). As usual I had a variety of trades that I needed to tend to including:

  1. trades that I planned on letting get called away
  2. trades I needed to adjust to a future expiration
  3. trades that were near ITM so needed close monitoring to see if they would expire or not

I wrote about my Plan last weekend here.

I adjusted most of the trades throughout the week but still had a dozen or so that I needed to work on Friday. Of course there is always at least one surprise and this week it was $BIS (popped on Friday & hit a Buy Stop).

Here are the position exits this week (including new trades that were closed):

  • $BIS
  • $HRG
  • $PCTY (new trade this week)
  • $RSX
  • $TRIP (one of the oldest Swing trades, since 08/15/2013)
  • $BYI (submarine basket)
  • $CTRX (submarine basket)
  • $WGO (submarine basket)
  • $WTW (submarine basket)
  • $ADBE (Earnings)
  • $EBIX (Earnings)
  • $FDX (Earnings)
  • $FLT (Earnings)
  • $HTZ (Earnings)
  • $JASO (Earnings)
  • $MEI (Earnings)
  • $PAY (Earnings)
  • $SCTY (Earnings)
  • $TIF (Earnings)
  • $WSM (Earnings)
  • $HAIN (Fab 5)
  • $SBAC (Fab 5)

Newly added regular positions this week that survived into the weekend:

  • $Z
  • $IP
  • $KBH
  • $NKE

Earnings Trades (thin list remaining):

  • $NES (Long Apr 20/22.5 Call Spread remains)
  • $KBH (now have Stock, let Calls get exercised). New this week
  • $NKE (Long stock, partial so far). New this week

Submarine Basket:

  • $FNSR
  • $FSLR
  • $IP (new this week)
  • $KR
  • $MA
  • $PG

Here is the Summary:


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