Earnings Trades update – 03/26/2014

Newly added Earnings trades for this week that are still on:

  • $WAG I am Long the March 28 weekly 63.5/61.5 1×2 Put Ratio. This looks to expire worthless – but anything can happen. Options Net: $.01
  • $GIII I am Short the April 75/70 Strangle. There is an additional $1.52 gain on a stock trade (hedge) as well. Options Net: $4.75
  • $PVH I am Short the April 120/115 Strangle. I am also Long stock from $119 (hedge). Options Net: $5.55

Newly added this week that are already closed:

  • $CCL
  • $FRAN
  • $LNN

Existing positions into this week:

  • $NES I am Long the April 20/22.5 Call Spread
  • $KBH I am Long stock and Short the March 28 weekly 17.5 Calls (covered)
  • $NKE I am Long stock at 76.42 (1/4 size) & Short the March 28 weekly 75/74.5 Strangle for $1.10 credit


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