Position Updates – 03/26/2014

Mid-week update

Brief post on newly added trades this week that are still on:

  • $CRR I am Long the April 125/130/120 Risk Reversal Call Spread for a $.35 debit (a B/O trade setup)
  • $INSM I am Long the April 17.5/20 Call Spread. I have stock gains of $3.22 already booked
  • $NUS I am Short stock at 95.62 (from 03/24) and Short the March 28 weekly $85 Puts
  • $STKL I am Long the April $10 Calls (IRA)
  • $AGU (new in the Fab 5)
  • $WDC (new in the Fab 5)
  • $SQQQ I am Long at 54.15 (this is a portfolio hedge )

Earnings trades, newly added you can see a mid-week update here.


3 thoughts on “Position Updates – 03/26/2014

  1. A new trade for $ACN was added after this post: 1×2 Double Ratios for March 28 weekly Options for Earnings 03/27 BMO.

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