The Fab 5 update – 04/18/2014

I have a full stable of 5 players & a 6th man. The only material change is the exit on the left-over Option pieces for the $MPC position.

$NEE led the way into the 3-day weekend with the best close at $96.59 with $APH on its heels. I have given the $HON position a time-rule exception but feel it may be time to look at other candidates now that Earnings are past (owned for 9 weeks now).

The Basket is up $11.38 on the stock pieces and there is an Options Net of $15.54 as well.

Here is the Summary:

04192014Fab 5 candidates:

  • $CLX
  • $LYB
  • $XLE
  • $URI
  • $SIAL
  • $ALK

2 thoughts on “The Fab 5 update – 04/18/2014

  1. $RRC is a current Swing position that I may consider making a Fab 5 member if strength continues.

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