Earnings Trade updates

Wrapping up a busy week for Earnings trading. Here are the current positions that look to survive into the weekend:


Notable events:

  • $TWTR pieces to go poof today: S May 02 weekly $37 & 36 Puts & a Long 42/46/47/48 1×3 Call Ratio
  • $EXPE┬ápieces to go poof today: S May 02 weekly $68 Puts & a Long 75/78/80 1×2 Call Ratio
  • $AMZN trade has a Bear Collar for next week with $39 locked in on the 1/2 size left
  • Hedging with stock continues to be an important step in my process
  • New trades this week that were closed: $COH $PNRA $LL $YELP $HAR $EXPE $LNKD


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