Position Updates

Just a quick review of newly added positions this week along with some exits on new & existing positions:

  • $TSCO Submarine Basket, beat up on guidance
  • $GDP Swing, weakness; a new short on 7/7
  • $GGAL Swing, Argentina; a new long on 7/8
  • $LL Short-term, smashed on prelim guidance in A/H (had already been short during the day) exited
  • $PAM Swing, Argentina; a new long on 7/7
  • $PCAR Swing, VW rumors; a new short on 7/7; added July Bear Collar
  • $TRW Swing, $100 Roll candidate; unusual Call buying noted so tagged along on 7/10 (July 90)


  • $FRX
  • $LL
  • $HOS
  • $GBX


2 thoughts on “Position Updates

  1. I have also added $LL to the Submarine Basket today (huge down day on guidance).

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