50/50 Basket update

Reminder: the term “50/50” has to do with a ticker being “50% above the 50 SMA”.

I will end the week with 5 positions:

  • $GLUU I am short stock at 6.50 (since July 15) with a Stop at $5.5
  • $JRJC I have a Sep 11/10/7.5/6 Bear Risk Reversal PS (bottom 2 strikes are split, 1/2 size each). I am long stock at $8.07 (hedge, since 08/20). I discussed this trade earlier this week on my Blog
  • $TKMR I am short stock at $25.04 (since 08/11) with a Sep 17.5/17.5/30 Bear Collar CS
  • $VJET I am short stock at $26.40 (since 07/01) with a Sep 17/18 Bear Collar
  • $PBYI I am short the Sep/Sep 05 weekly 240 Put Calendar (since 08/21)

The $BIOF position was closed this week (hit the Stop)

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