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  1. I am just a newbie at trading, and I am sure getting beat down in it. Seems I like buying when stocks are breaking out, and they seem to continue to go for a little bit then get beaten down. Since I don’t really know any traders I was hoping you could help me. I am following you, and I do read the education information you tweet about.
    What is the best way to analyze volume, and is it buying or selling volume?

  2. I would like to make suggestion here. For someone that is starting out, have you considered looking into one of the Premium Service providers? Most of these are quite inexpensive when considering the tremendous value offered – and may help you get the one-on-one attention you seek.
    Have a chat with @harmongreg to see if that would be a good path for you to take.

  3. It is usually rare to find well-informed individuals on this subject matter, you be understood as you know what you are posting on! Regards

  4. I follow you in Stocktwits and have been trading stocks only and want to learn doing options.  Could you send me some references to get started?  Appreciate your help.

  5. I am slowly realizing how much depth there is here on your site.  Thanks so much.  I am not sure why you go to so much trouble but it is partly to keep yourself organized and there is an acid test going on record.  Anyway, I was very interested to see your Long Term holdings are AT&T, AIG, and short Facebook.  Myself, I own a bunch of REITS as long term and I do not feel comfortable with this at all:  they have done so well and I have had them for at least 18 months but I feel like it is just too risky to carry on like this.  I notice no mention whatsoever so far on your blog of REITS!  I guess I should go back to a Telecom (Telus for me since I’m Canadian and would get a tax break on the nice dividend) and an Insurer (again, should be Canadian for taxes like Great West Life) and a Pipeline like TransCanada Pipe.  But with only three names, don’t you end up with a lot in each?  This is ok?

    In rotation, I have maybe 20 stocks usually which is I am thinking too many to try to avoid some big mishap.  

    And then the aggressive swings I often have two or three on the go.
    I am starting to think that what you are more likely to do, is only have up to 50% of your none long term stuff invested most of the time and keep it simple down to maybe half-a-dozen plays most of the time.  You also buy lots of complicated options trades which I am slowly following but I can only think that it is because you are buying quite a bit of the common shares and want to limit risk and therefore gain.  If I am only buying 5-15 thousand dollars of any one position, I figure most of the time I would erode my possible gains too much with hedging with puts and calls like that.  Not sure.

    On that note, when describing the hedging like you did so nicely with the ongoing $ALXN trade, it would be even more instructive if you gave relative sizes of the common against options bought.  Starting with some round figure, like say, buying 1000 shares of common ALXN, what would be the dollar amounts of the hedging calls and puts?

    thx again,
    Doug Sly in Nelson, BC

  6. Thanks for reading. Let me address one item at a time. As for REITs, I have traded several this year but feel the risk/reward is now neutral at best.
    I run 4 accounts: daytrade, options, swing, long term. I also have 2 IRAs where I invest in dividend stocks or growth stocks.
    As for the comment about complicated option plays, I believe this is only about perspective. A bullish Collar for example is nothing more than a Covered Call and owning a Long Put. A bearish Collar is the opposite (used when you are short a stock).
    On the subject of position size, I frequently make mention of this when trading as I scale in & out a LOT. As for the # of shares, this is only relevant to me and would not be useful to other traders.

  7. Hello,

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