Wedge has formed and price is heading into the apex now. Look for a break (can be up or down) in the next 3-4 weeks.

FA notes:

1) cord-cutting growth
2) content prices

– DM 12:45 PM CST



One perspective showing price spending a LOT of time in this box and the 50/200 SMAs colliding.

– DM 11:50 AM CST

Apple Sauce


There are always a lot of eyes on $AAPL but what is everyone looking for? What is going to show itself as a clue for a “bottom” in price?

I see one divergence as price probes the bottom of this channel ….

– DM 10:55 AM CST

Doji in J2 Global Comm

The stock price in J2 Global is at a critical juncture:

  1. above the 50 SMA (but worth noting a falling 50 SMA)
  2. into the apex of this triangle
  3. Price is above the February lows
  4. RSI continues to rise, is above 50