Position Updates

Due to an increasing amount of questions and comments regarding my positions & trading I recently created a new tab on the Blog for recording my Positions. The goal is to update the info on each account or basket daily for any changes that occur.

Newly added this week that survive to the weekend:




Here is the Summary:


– DM 10:00 AM CST


Position Updates

Reminder:  The information provided in this post is for my personal Swing, Long-term, IRA accounts.

Newly added that survive to the weekend: $AKRX $CRM $CAT $HSY


50/50 Basket: $NVGN


Here is the Summary:


– DM 6:45 AM CST


The Fab 5 ($100 Roll) Time Rule

I have had a Time Rule for the Fab 5 for several years. Here was the original rule:

The $100 Roll must complete within 30 trading days from trade initiation

I updated the rule this year to have 2 “stages” that each trade must complete. The Time Rule is now:

Time Rule (2 stages):

Stage 1: price must improve 3% in the initial 15 Trading days.

Stage 2: 30 Trading days to complete the $100 Roll (if it makes it past Stage 1)

– DM 10:00 AM CST


Position Updates – full report

I did a brief Position Updates post on Friday. This is the normal weekend post I do each week.

Exits this week:

Submarine Basket:


Here is the Summary for the Swing, LT, IRA accounts:


– DM 11:15 AM CST