Position Updates – full report

I did a brief Position Updates post on Friday. This is the normal weekend post I do each week.

Exits this week:

Submarine Basket:


Here is the Summary for the Swing, LT, IRA accounts:


- DM 11:15 AM CST


Position Updates

This is a list of the positions that look to survive to the weekend:

Earnings:  $CNC $TWTR $CE (new)

Swing Acct:  $FLTX $ISRG $QCOM $SWKS $UNP $WDC $Z (new)

Long-Term Acct:  $AVGO $EA $IWC $QLYS $RMD $WBA

IRA Acct:  $CYBR $EWZ $ESRX $JCI (new) $MAR

Submarine Basket:  $AXP (new) $BWA $CAT $EXPE $MON $PNRA $RL $SNDK $WYNN

Fab 5:  $ENDP $LB $WYN (so 2 empty seats to fill)

50/50 Basket:  no positions


- DM 1:00 PM CST


Options Expiration – April Monthly

This week has two key events happening: 2014 Federal IRS taxes due on 4/15 & Options Expiration for the April monthly’s. lol

Here are my current positions that have April Monthly Options – at least as part of the trade – and the plan for each:

Fleetmatics $FLTX  I am Long the 45/50 Call Spread. I will likely adjust to a May Call Fly

Intuitive Surgical $ISRG  I own the 520/530/495 Risk Reversal Call Spread. I will likely close this trade

Workday $WDAY  I own the 85/90/77.5 Risk Reversal Call Spread. Undecided if I will take proceeds and build a new trade further out

Electronic Arts $EA  I am Long the $55 Puts (part of Put Cal). I will let these expire, go poof

Resmed $RMD  I am Short the $55 Puts (part of a S Strangle, calls are covered). These go poof

Walgreens $WBA  I am Short the $70 Puts. These go poof

Cyber-Ark Software $CYBR  I have a 55/65/45 Collar PS. I will adjust to future expiry

Marriott $MAR  I am Long the 80/70 PS (protects Long stock). I will adjust to a future expiry (June likely)

Panera Bread $PNRA  I have a 165/160 Collar. I will adjust to future expiry

Rentrak $RENT  I am Long the 55/60 CS. I will take whatever the market gives me & close the trade

Tiffany $TIF  I own the 85/87.5/90 Call Fly with Long stock at $87.5 (hedge). I will likely take proceeds to build a new trade

Limited Brands $LB  I am Short the $95 Calls (covered calls, Fab 5). I will adjust to a future expiry (likely May)

McGraw Hill $MHFI  I have a $105 Collar. I will adjust to a future expiration. I will take out as an “official” Fab 5 position but leave the trade on

Cooper Companies $COO  I am Short the $180 Calls (covered calls). I will let the stock get called away, exit this Earnings trade

RedHat $RHT  I am Long the $70 Calls (part of a Diagonal Call Calendar). I will take stock at $70

Signet $SIG  I own the 130/135/120 Risk Reversal Call Spread. I will exit this Earnings trade, take the $5 gain

Carmax $KMX  I am Short the 72.5/65 Strangle. I will exit this Earnings trade (will cost to BtC the Calls but have a $3.04 Options Net to work with)


- DM 10:00 AM CST



The Fab 5 update

Quite busy in the basket this week as I had 2 positions that were going to fail on the Stage 1 Time Rule (I have closed them already) thus opening up 3 slots to fill. This is what I added:

  • $ENDP  I am Long at $93.25
  • $LB  I am Long at $94 with Short April $95 Calls (covered calls)
  • $WYN  I am Long the May 90/95/100 Call Fly with Short $87.50 Puts

Here is the Summary:


- DM 10:40 AM CST


Position Updates

We have a new Earnings season beginning so I will slowly ramp up my focus there as we get into the heart of it. I did open some new regular trades that look to survive to the weekend:

Citrix $CTXS  I am Long stock at $60.72

Intuitive Surgical $ISRG  I own the April 520/530/495 RRCS

Western Digital $WDC  I am Long stock at $92 with an April 24w 97/96/93 Collar PS

Express Scripts $ESRX  I am Long stock at $85 and Short the April 24w $88.5 Calls (covered calls)

Polo Ralph Lauren $RL  I am Long stock at $134 with a May 145/135/130 Collar PS

Caterpillar $CAT  I am Long stock at $80.45

Wynn Resorts $WYNN  I own an April 24w 133/137/130 RRCS

Submarine Basket:


50/50 Basket:


Earnings Trades:


Here is the Summary:


- DM 10:30 AM CST


The Fab 5 update

The $ROST position was closed on 4/2. It had achieved Complete status so that # improves to 57. The $PNC position will not meet the new Stage 1 Time Rule so I will be closing the position next week. I am not optimistic about $CAH either as it has 1 week to meet the Stage 2 Time Rule.


- DM 9:30 AM CST