The Fab 5 update ($100 Roll)

The Fab 5 basket saw a lot of activity this week which included tending to July Options that were set to expire. In addition, I added 2 new positions as subs: $AMT $MCO. I had one exit: $LYB for an overall gain of $6.71 (the short July 97.5 Puts expired worthless, kept premium collected) and it goes in to the Complete status category.

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The Fab 5 update

I did exit $DE this week (06/16) as I noted last weekend would be the plan. This means that $HES is no longer a 6th man but is now a starter. The $NEE position finally got a Day #1 on the $100 on 06/19 but came up 1 penny short in getting a Day #2 on Friday 06/20 (count starts over Monday). The $LYB position did get a Day #1 Friday so that is a positive.

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Fab 5 candidates:

The Fab 5 update

I have a quality candidate list to work from and elected to take advantage of the surge in Oil to add a position in $HES as a 6th man this week. Next week is monthly June option expiration so will be active in adjusting the Option pieces to existing trades.

I am likely going to exit $DE as it has been given ample time to make a run but just continues to churn.

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Position Updates

As I noted here this was going to be a very busy week due to May Options expiration. I focused primarily on managing the Option Plan but did manage to sneak in a few new trades that survive into the weekend – including for Earnings:

  • $NQ (fraud allegations continue)
  • $CLB (submarine basket)
  • $DXPE (submarine basket)
  • $LVS (submarine basket)
  • $WWE (submarine basket)
  • $FOSL (Earnings)

As expected I had a lot of exits this week as trades were either capped by Options or were at a good spot to take profits:

Here is the Summary: