Trading Activity update

Here is a list of my trading activity today:

$UVXY  I am short this ETF on the $40 break (Sell Short Stop trigger, a hedge for the short November Option trade)

$CELG  I initiated a new long stock Fab 5 position today (Buy Stop at $90 trigger)

$TSCO  The short stock piece in the Submarine Basket was covered today. The November option pieces remain


Fab 5 Performance review

I get asked often about the performance of the Fab 5 so I try to provide metrics to show how the Basket has performed since Inception (10/2011):

Complete Status:

52 trades with an average gain of $12.08

Not Complete status:

63 trades with an average gain of $2.58

It is worth noting the the many of the trades in the Not Complete category are the same tickers as it made several attempts at the $100 Roll but continued to fail.



The Fab 5 update

Out of 4 Baskets of stocks/ETFs that I trade, the Fab 5 basket had the most activity (i.e. positions were under more pressure, took the most Stops, etc). Here is a review of the material changes in the basket:

Exits in $PRU $R $WLK

The position in Deckers ($DECK) hit a Stop on 10/01 but I did re-enter with a new long stock position on 10/02. I also added new positions in $HD $PEP (both for clients). So, here is how I ended the week:

Here is the Summary: