The Fab 5 update

The $APH position achieved Complete status (and was called away all in the same week). With that event I now have: $AMT $DECK $GILD $HES $WDC as the Fab 5. I will remove $WDC as an official position next week since it has Complete status already but will leave the trade on for now (similar to what I did with $URI). This will give me one empty seat to fill.

Here is the Summary:


Fab 5 candidates:

Not many I am really thrilled with but maybe $PEP can get a B/O this week. I have $CELG at the top of the list.

The Fab 5 update

A few new additions to the Basket this week: $DECK $GILD. The $HES position had one day above the $100 level but could not sustain it the next day so the count starts over (got soooo close on Friday).

Here is the Summary:


Fab 5 candidates:

* I actually don’t have any tickers that really stand out to me as candidates but a few that have held their recent pullbacks well:


The Fab 5 – a performance review since inception

Here are a few performance data points since I started the Fab 5 basket of stocks (October 2011):

  • Complete status:  49
  • Average gain:  $12.13
  • Not Complete status:  59
  • Average gain:  $2.54

Complete status means that the position broke above the $100 level and held above for 3 straight trading days (makes the criteria for this status very difficult so an important strength factor). The Not Complete status means I exited the trade due to a time rule, a Stop, or other factor – it did not make a meaningful effort to move up towards the $100 level.

Current members:

Current stock gain on the basket:  $27.04

Options Net:  $5.921


Note: the Complete status number will increase to 51 once I exit $WDC & $URI (trade still on but no longer an official Fab 5 position).

The Fab 5 update

Some changes in the Fab 5 this week as I exited 2 positions. On a positive note there was 1 position that achieved Complete status: $WDC. I changed the status of $AMT from 7th man to a regular Fab 5 position on 7/31.

There is now 1 empty seat to fill. Current members: $AMT $APH $HES $WDC. The $URI position remains but it is not a Fab 5 position any longer (has Complete status as of 05/29).

Here is the Summary:


Fab 5 candidates (with comments):

  • $CI pullback to $90 with a Doji 7/31
  • $EW very solid Earnings, pop, but was faded 7/31
  • $RTN can it hold the $90 level on this pullback?
  • $EXP can it hold the $90 level on this pullback?
  • $AGU In a Down Channel since April
  • $MJN probing July lows, needs to hold to stay on the list
  • $GILD holding up rather well
  • $LEA made a solid run at the $100 Roll but pulled back to $94 now