Bottom fishing

Surprisingly, Apple $AAPL sits at a 52-week low. Here are other stocks worth eyeing for bottom fishing:

American Airlines Group $AAL

United Therapeutics $UTHR


– DM 10:30 AM CST

Year End portfolio review

Swing Account:  $DIS

Long-term Account:  $AVGO $EA $WBA $XLF $KR (a former SB position, owned since 2/5/2014)


Submarine Basket (Swing Account):  $BAX $BWLD $CYH $EXPE $PNRA

Fab 5:  $AGU $LB $RCL $PEP $TAP

– DM 8:20 AM CST

Sector Review

One area that I spend time reviewing each weekend is at the Sector level. One website that I use (and have it noted on my Tools page) is

Here is a complete Sectors view:


Using the link above you can drill down into each Sector or Industry to see what is happening under the hood in all the participants (6000+ tickers).

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