Submarine Basket

This basket of stocks contains positions that are entered with one common goal: buy on a pullback to a support level. The trade design will often be a Risk Reversal with the bullish piece being a Call Spread or Call Fly. I typically keep 4-6 positions in the basket.

last updated: 2/3/2017 11:20 PM CST

Brinker $EAT  I own the March 45/40 RR. Initial entry: 1/26. Options net: $.34 Last activity 1/26

Expedia $EXPE  I am long stock at $77.50. Entry date: 2/6. Update: adj to April 2017 135/125 Collar. Options Net: $8.02 Last activity: 2/3

Kimberly Clark $KMB  I own the April 2017 $115 Calls. Initial entry: 12/20. Update: adj to an Apr 120/125/130 Call Fly. Options net: $.92 Last activity 1/25

Public Storage $PSA  I own the March 2017 210/230/190 RRCS. Initial Entry: 12/3. Options Net: -$.18 Last activity: 12/3

Stericycle $SRCL  I own the May 2017 80/95/70 RRCS. Initial entry: 12/20. Options Net: $.21 Last activity: 12/20


Recent exits: 

oct: $NFLX


DEC: $ALNY $HTZ (COLLAR unwound the stock) $MCK $PNRA (Collar unwound the stock)

JAN 2017:  $THC

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