Position Updates

I am traveling for a few weeks but still wanted to provide a brief review of material changes to personal accounts this week. Newly added:

  • $CF  I am long the Oct 275/285/290/300 Call Fly
  • $GMCR  I am long the Oct 140 Calls
  • $OIH  I am long the Oct 24w/Oct 45/43 Diag Put Cal
  • $CAMP
  • $CALM

Exits or adjustments to existing positions:


Fab 5 Performance review

I get asked often about the performance of the Fab 5 so I try to provide metrics to show how the Basket has performed since Inception (10/2011):

Complete Status:

52 trades with an average gain of $12.08

Not Complete status:

63 trades with an average gain of $2.58

It is worth noting the the many of the trades in the Not Complete category are the same tickers as it made several attempts at the $100 Roll but continued to fail.



Market Vectors Oil Services

I have been looking for a bounce/reversal trade in this industry/sector but it continues to show weakness that can not be ignored. One perspective on this can be viewed on the $OIH Weekly chart:


Several points to make:

1) RSI has drifted down to near 30 (oversold level)
2) Rising Volume as price plunged this Summer into the Fall
3) MACD is falling, weak
4) The 200 SMA is just below - it did manage to hold it on the last 2 tests of it

When looking at the Option chains, it is worth noting that the Top OI (open interest) by far in October is on the Put side ($52 Puts lead the way with 17,713 contracts).

The Fab 5 update

Out of 4 Baskets of stocks/ETFs that I trade, the Fab 5 basket had the most activity (i.e. positions were under more pressure, took the most Stops, etc). Here is a review of the material changes in the basket:

Exits in $PRU $R $WLK

The position in Deckers ($DECK) hit a Stop on 10/01 but I did re-enter with a new long stock position on 10/02. I also added new positions in $HD $PEP (both for clients). So, here is how I ended the week:

Here is the Summary:


Position Updates

Personal Accounts

I was active in the Swing account again this week but only one newly added position survived to the weekend:

  • $LMT  Long the November 180/190/195 Call Fly with a short October 185/170 Strangle

Submarine Basket update here

50/50 Basket update here

Earnings Trades:

  • $AZO  I own an October 510/520/530 Call Fly (have a Buy Stop set at $520 as a hedge). Options Net: $1.16
  • $JCP  I am long the January $10 Straddle & short the October 10 weekly $10.5 Straddle. Options Net: -$.68
  • $RRGB  I am long stock at $49.9 and short the December 60/55 Strangle. Options Net: $4.45
  • $SNX  I am short the October 65/60 Strangle and long stock at $65 (hedge). Options Net: $5.21 (new this week)

Here is the Summary:


50/50 Basket update

The only material change this week in the 50/50 Basket is a new short (2nd trip short) in Vimicro ($VIMC).

Here is the Summary:

  • $DGLY  I am short stock at 21.75 (since 09/15)
  • $TKMR  I am short the December 17.5 Puts & long the October 17.5/25 Call Spread (The original trade had a short stock piece. This was covered on 09/23. Once I covered the stock piece, the original Bear Collar CS became a normal Risk Reversal CS – which is what exists now)
  • $VIMC  I am short stock at 9.35 (since 09/29) with an October 7.5 Bear Collar

Submarine Basket update

Newly added this week that survived to the weekend:

  • $LEA  I am long the November 90/95 Call Spread & short the October 90/85 Strangle
  • $MGA  I am short the November 95 Puts
  • $Z  I have an October 10 weekly 115/120/110 Risk Reversal ($110 is a key level to watch next week)

Here is the Summary:


Position Updates (mid-week review)

Here are material changes and/or adjustments to existing positions (or newly added) this week (Swing, LT, IRA, Submarine Basket accounts):

  • $COL  I have exited the Long CS, leaving the L Puts for October. Options Net: $2.83
  • $CRR  I have BtC the October 75 Calls (frees up some margin). The short stock and short Nov 60 Puts remain. Options Net: $4.48
  • $INVN  I StC the October 03 weekly 21 Puts (leaves S Oct 20 Puts). Options Net: $1.62
  • $LMT  I am long the November 180/190/195 Call Fly (adj made today to the Call Fly from a CS) and short the October 185/170 Strangle. Options Net: -$1.08
  • $PEIX  I have moved the long Put strike down to 17.5 (so the PS is now 17.5/15). Options Net: $4.62
  • $WLK  I am short stock at 88.82 with a Trail Stop at $85 (this is not the Fab 5 position)
  • $GME  I StC the long October 41 Calls & added a Nov 40/44 CS. The S Oct 46 Calls & short October 03 weekly 43 Calls remain. Options Net: $.74
  • $TAN I added short October 43 Calls. Options Net: $1.74
  • $UGA  I am long stock (1/2 size) with a short October 56/54 Strangle (1/2 size each). Options Net: $1.05
  • $F  I am short the October 03 weekly 14.5 Puts. Options Net: $.20
  • $MGA  I am short the November 95 Puts (the long October 100 Puts were exercised and the stock piece covered already). Options Net/cushion: $5.75



StC = Sell to Close

BtC = Buy to Close