Trading Activity

Friday activity:

Veeva Systems $VEEV  Unwound the Short Strangle. Options Net final: $1.23 and stock gains of $.40 (Earnings trade)

ProShares Ultra Short VIX Short-Term Futures $UVXY  I am Long once again ($28.55). The Short December 25/19 Strangle remains (I will adjust the Calls up/out today)

PNC Financial $PNC  I have BtC the December $90 Calls and added a new trade: Long January 90/92.5/95 Call Fly. Options Net shrinks to: $.41 (I sold the long stock piece yesterday) so now stock involved

Lear Corp $LEA  I have BtC the December 95 Calls. Options Net final: $.22 and stock gains of $15.00 (Submarine Basket)





Position Updates

Most of my trading activity was in new Earnings trades and $UVXY (Swing account). Newly added positions that survive to the weekend:

  • McDonalds $MCD
  • PNC Financial $PNC
  • Direxion Russia Bear 3x $RUSS
  • ProShares Ultra VIX Short Term Futures $UVXY
  • Walgreen $WAG (long-term account)


50/50 Basket: no positions (no change from last week)

Earnings: see this post

Here is the Summary:


-DM 10:45 AM CST

Earnings Trades update

Newly added this week that will survive to the weekend:

Krispy Kreme $KKD  I am Long the December 20/19 1×2 Put Ratio and short stock at $19 (hedge)

Lands End $LE  I own a January 50/40 Risk Reversal (post-Earnings)

Restoration Hardware $RH  I am Long the December 90/95 Call Spread (initial trade was a Call Ratio with Short Puts)

Autozone $AZO I am Long the December 580/590 1×2 Call Ratio with Long stock at $596 (hedge). Initial trade was a Call Fly with Short Puts

Conn’s Inc $CONN  I am Short the July $30 Puts and short stock at $22 (hedge)

Existing that survive:

  • $DPZ (no changes this week)
  • $GIII (no changes this week)



Earnings Prep for Adobe Systems

A few charts to start out with:


The above chart is an Revenue graph of $ADBE via @Estimize. Now for a look at the Daily chart with a Channel drawn:



This Channel provides a nice range to trade from for Earnings (AMC today). Here are a few Trade Ideas:

1) Long stock and Long the December 70 Puts ($1.75)

2) Jan/Dec 72.5 Call Calendar. Cost: $.80 debit

3) Jan 72.5/75/65 Risk Reversal Call Spread. Cost: $.18 credit (takes margin). What I would add here: Long December $65 Puts to make a Put Calendar. This changes the cost from a credit to a $.25 debit



Trading Activity

ProShares Ultra VIX Short-Term $UVXY  I sold the Long piece held overnight for a $.47 gain. The Risk Reversal Call Spread remains

Facebook $FB  I have unwound the Straddle Swap (Earnings trade) for a $2.61 credit. Options Net final: $2.90 & stock gains remains $2.75 (Earnings position now closed)

Restoration Hardware $RH  I have a December 90/95/100 1×2 Call Ratio with Short $80 Puts. I added a Long stock piece today (as a tag along for now) on the break of $97. I set a Stop at $97.50 on this piece


-DM 10:00 AM CST

Trading Activity

I have been mainly focused on Earnings trades today so far:

Krispy Kreme $KKD  I had noted that I would short the stock if it lost the $19 level and did so this morning. The Dec 20/19 1×2 Put Ratio remains

Francessca’s $FRAN  I am currently Short the December $15 Puts (post-Earnings)

Lands End $LE  I am Long the stock at $43.72 (post-Earnings)