Position Updates

I had activity this week in each of the 3 accounts:

Altera $ALTR  I traded the Intel rumor on 3/30 (exit the same day)

Emerson Electric $EMR  I tagged along in a large April $55 Put trade (Long)

Skyworks Solutions  $SWKS  I adjusted April 02 weekly Put Ratio (Long stock protection) to the April 24 weekly expiration

Trex $TREX  I traded the breakout but it fizzled (hit a Stop for +1.17)

Avago Tech $AVGO  I added a May 125/115 1×2 Put Ratio (protects Long stock)

ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury $TBT  I unwound the rest of the position when the Long ETF piece hit a Stop

Carmax $KMX  I am Short the April 72.5/65 Strangle and Long stock at $74.15 (hedge, 2nd trip long). Only new Earnings trade this week

Submarine Basket


50/50 Basket: no positions


Here is the Summary:


– DM 9:10 AM CST


Long-term Account update

No new positions this week but have a few existing positions that saw activity ($AVGO $WBA):

Avago Tech $AVGO  had a great Earnings report, big move up to near the $130 level. I am Long stock at $105 (since 2/2) with Short July $125 Calls (covered calls that I adjusted this week)

Electronic Arts $EA  I am Long stock at 41.40 (since 11/18) with Short Jan 2016 $55 Calls (covered calls)

iShares Micro-cap $IWC  I am Long the ETF at $74 (since 1/16) with Short June $78 Calls (covered calls)

Precision Castparts $PCP  I am Long the March 200/220 CS and 190/180 PS

Qualys $QLYS  I am Long the stock at $38 (since 2/4) with a June/Mar Collar Split Put Ratio (S June Calls, L Mar Split Put Ratio to protect stock)

Resmed $RMD  I am Long the Mar/Apr 65 Call Calendar with Short April $55 Puts

Walgreens $WBA  I am Long at $70 with an Oct/Apr 80/80/70 PS (adjusted this week, moved 2 strikes UP)


– DM 10:10 AM CST


Long-term account review

Despite the long-term view on the positions in my long-term account, I have had a lot of activity this week as several long stock pieces hit Stops or were assigned due to the continued market weakness:

$AIG  This position was closed on 01/12 due to Short Calls being assigned (covered by stock)

$AVGO  I am Long the April 100/115/95 Risk Reversal Call Spread

$EA  I am Long stock at $41.40 (since 11/18/2014) with a March 46/45/40 Collar Put Ratio

$IWC  The Long stock piece hit a Stop as it lost the 50 SMA today. The Short February $75 Calls remain (I have a Buy Stop set at $74 now, hedge)

$RMD  This is a new Long stock position at $58.40

$WBA  I am Long stock at $70 (since 12/11/2014) with a July/April 77.5/75/70 Collar PS


– DM 12:50 AM CST



Trading Activity

Wynn Resorts $WYNN  I moved the Sell Short Stop up to $145.5 from $142.5 (would be a hedge on the Short January $140 Puts, 2x)

Avago Tech $AVGO  The Buy Stop set at $102.5 triggered today (hedge)

Tractor Supply $TSCO  I adjusted the January Collar to February Short Calls


– DM 11:25 AM CST