Earnings preview

I have several existing positions that have Earnings AMC:

  • $BWLD (Submarine Basket)
  • $PNRA (Submarine Basket)
  • $GILD (own for some clients)
  • $IACI (Swing account)
  • $ESRX (IRA account)

Here is an EPS graph on $BWLD via Estimize:


Note: You can view the specific trade info on the appropriate Positions tab.

– DM 10:20 AM CST

Looking Both Ways in Panera Bread

Sometimes I don’t have a clear bias in a trade but I expect a nice move one way or the other and I want to participate. Yes, I want my cake – and eat it too.

One way I do this is to design what I call a LBW (Look Both Ways) trade. Here is how it looks on a chart:


Current November Option prices:

170/175/180 Split Call Ratio: 5.30/3.30/1.78
170/165/160 Split Put Ratio: 5.80/3.65/2.19